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Energy Visualization & Reporting

The Home Energy Visualization service offers the easiest and fastest way to understand home energy consumption. The service delivers upfront value from smart meter deployments by interfacing with Meter Data Management (MDM) systems, smart meter integration or via a meter reader to capture import readings, giving consumers visibility to their energy usage for electricity, gas or water. In-depth reporting and social comparison features are also available. In addition to the data visualization features, the solution provides “Set It and Forget It” budgeting protection functions as well as tariff-based usage analysis, including Time of Use (TOU) tariffs.

Heating & Cooling
Management Solutions

Thermostat integration puts the user in charge of their system. Smart Controls make it possible to control the thermostat through schedules, events or manually from a Smartphone or a conventional browser.

Solar Management

Our Solar solution gives the home owner a complete overview of Import, Export, Generation and Home Consumption. A replay feature on the overview page provides information regarding the performance of the solar system over time. It also informs the home owner of the amount earned and saved by the solar solution.

Home Control & Sensor Integration

The GreenWave platform uses standards such as Z-Wave, Zibgee and Jennet. These allow for the integration of a wide variety of sensors that can add value to any Energy Management installation and can be used across other GreenWave service offerings. In addition, GreenWave’s Powernodes also allow for energy monitoring and home control.